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ECI-PAY can be easily integrated with your StoresOnline website, and it automatically settles batches at the end of each business day (12:00 GMT). Your bank account is typically funded within 2-3 days after the date of the transaction. ECI-PAY also features Address Verification System (AVS), as part of our FraudTrak2 service to help protect against credit card fraud.

By utilizing ECI-PAY, we are confident you will appreciate our ongoing focus on e-Commerce security and leading edge products. You will also be glad to know that our company prides itself on making our gateway the easiest product to use for our online merchants located throughout the world. Plus, our transaction-dedicated payment servers are among the finest in the industry using Sun Servers, Oracle software and the UNIX operating system.

Here are just a few features of the ECI-PAY gateway product:
  • Processing Gateway - Real-time credit card verification and authorization with just one-click from your customers, right from your web-site.
  • Transaction Administration Database - Virtual terminal which allows you to manually run transactions, research, report, import batches, export data, chart & graph sales trends, and assemble/submit batches. Batches of offline and/or recurring billing transactions may be uploaded and processed instantly.
  • QuickBooks Module - Automate the entering of your transactions directly into a QuickBooks accounting package as either Invoices or Cash Sale Receipts.
  • E-mail Management - Define various confirmation templates to send pertinent post-transaction e-mails concerning customer service, shipping information, special offers, etc. to the customer; based on item, quantity, cost or other demographic information.
  • FraudTrak2/Chargeback Protection - Immediate AVS (Address Verification System) approval, negative database access, and CVV2 features to aid in limiting your exposure to fraudulent transactions. FraudTrak2 features a rules-based system that you, the customer, can utilize to customize the types of sales that you will accept. If fraud is a concern or has been a problem in the past, FraudTrak2 allows you to eliminate the majority of these fraudulent transactions before they can ever become finalized sales.
Contact us directly to add these additional features:
  • Security Administration - Set the levels of access that your employees can have on the systems. Allow them to process sales but only certain trusted employees are able to process credits and returns.
  • Palm Pilot Processing - Secure manual order entry system to approve wireless transactions.
  • eCheck acceptance - the more options of payment you give your customers, the more opportunity you have of making the sale. Add checks as another form of payment right from your web-site.
Simply put, ECI and ECI-PAY are the best suite of e-commerce services available for your on-line business.

Real-time credit card verification and authorization with just one-click from your customers, right from your web-site.

Electronic Commerce International is a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank, New York, New York